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Rwanda Gorillas Un Forgettable Experience of 2 Days Tour

IT doesn’t Require  a lot of Time to Explore the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda once you have choose to adventure with Ultimate Gorilla Expedition. In time issue we mean days or hours , either the shortest 1 Day or 2 Day Gorilla Tour in Rwanda? Gorilla trekking can be something new to enjoy only on a Gorilla Safari in Rwanda and cant be done in other destination except Uganda or Congo.

You are bushwhacking through thickets of bamboo in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, pulling yourself up a steep lava slope, toehold to toehold. The next, you turn a corner and sunlight streams through the canopy to illuminate a matted clump of black against a curtain of rain forest green. Seated perhaps 30 feet away is one of the roughly 900 mountain gorillas remaining on earth, a saggy-breasted female, and soon you see that she is cradling an infant in her lap. She wraps one arm around the 6-month-old while scratching her own ear with an extended index finger.

Soon two siblings tumble out of the brush, abruptly disrupting the maternal one-on-one time. As the imps wrestle and roll, the mother flops on her back in surrender.

While observing so much of African wildlife warthogs, elephants, giraffes one marvels at their prehistoric form and questions placement in the same biological class. With the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, which share 98 percent of our DNA, we are looking into a mirror, and they are looking impassively back.

Thirty-five years ago, the Virunga population had been thinned by poaching, disease and habitat loss to an extremely endangered 250. Conservation efforts have brought the count gradually back. There were 31 births there from June 2014 to August 2015.

Human access to the 62-square-mile park is severely restricted, with only 80 visitors permitted to take one of the guided gorilla treks each day. Groups of up to eight are allowed to spend one tightly monitored hour with one of the 10 families.

The cost of a permit for foreign visitors increased to $750. Nonetheless, the number of gorilla visitors to the park has almost tripled since 2004, exceeding 20,000 in 2014, and they have become central to this country’s ambitions to build a high-end tourism industry as it recovers from the unimaginable genocide of 1994.

The trekkers gather at 7 a.m. at the park headquarters to be grouped according to the difficulty of their hikes. The hour-long walk, considered moderately strenuous, will take you across a sloped field of Irish potatoes in lavender bloom and then up a steep vertical through the forest. On more challenging hikes, it can take more than three hours to reach the gorillas depending on their movements.

You don’t have to be super-fit for a gorilla tracking safari but it does help if you have a general level of fitness, if only to enhance your overall enjoyment of the experience. Walking will be at a slow pace with time for breaks if needed. Depending on which group you track, and the time of year you go (gorillas tend to move down the mountains in the rains), you might find yourself walking on some pretty steep slopes for several hours. On the other hand, you could reach your group after a 30-minute stroll. It’s best to prepare for the most active option however, and if nothing else, a few hill walks before you leave would be beneficial.

Keep voices low. No camera flashes. Avoid sustained eye contact or finger pointing. If a gorilla moves toward you, step calmly out of the way. If one charges, follow the guide’s instruction to drop to the ground in submission. Don’t freak out if the silverback beats his leathery chest. He’s just showing off, or perhaps warming himself.