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Rwanda Kigali Airport Taxis & Rental Cars at discounted quotes this summer

Rwanda Kigali airport is located near the city trading centers and near lodges and Hotels and this make Kigali car rental to offer free airport pick and drop and if they decide to charge you will pay only around USD 30 for the fairs to take you to the lodge/Hotel. Kigali Car rental is among the leading companies that offer airport pick and drop at cheap costs and again rent cars for self-drive or with a drive but Note that their cars are mainly functional and safari vans not wedding car rentals due to the fact that this is a tourism company based near the Kigali Airport on God is able Building coming from the Airport of Kigali on Room Number 3 b second Floor.

You can find taxis anywhere in Kigali Rwanda. They are convenient but have two major disadvantages. Firstly, especially when it’s raining, or during rush hour, Kigali traffic can be atrocious and your cab ride could be very slow. Secondly, taking a cab is the most expensive way to get around the city than renting a car from Kigali Car Rental.  However, the cost is much lower than with western countries that charge on hourly basis but Kigali car rental charges are based on 12 Hour Day Light and you don’t need to tip.

For most people, it is advisable to use the subway for most of your transportation needs. You may be OK with buses but apart from airport city cabs, bus travel can be quite hard.

Also it is a good idea to have the address shown to the driver written in Rwanda. Not all cab drivers understand English and can’t read the English address.  However, most taxis are equipped with special free interpretation devices. If the cars do not have it, the drivers can use their own cell phones to call lodge and get an directions on how to get to the lodge and all the drivers from Kigali Car Rental are well knowledgeable with the location of all hotels in Rwanda and feel that your safe once you’re traveling with a driver from Kigali Car Rental. Just say “I need free airport pick and drop by contacting Kigali Car Rental Services.