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Renting a Car from a Reputable Company Comes With Many Benefits

A car hire agency in Uganda is a company that temporarily rents vehicles to customers per a contractual agreement and in Uganda we have realized that Rwanda Car rentals  is among the leading New Companies that are emerging as Car Rental Company in the Whole Region of East Africa. In many cases, 4×4 Self Drive Rwanda is organised through an array of branch offices making it possible for the consumer to return the car at the location of their choice like in Uganda they have offices in Kampala and in Rwanda they have offices in Kigali Remera along the Airport Road. 4×4 Self Drive Uganda offices can be found near airports, in busy urban areas, or can be found via the internet as they have their website:

Most of the time, Self Drive Car hire companies serve people who are looking for a temporary mode of transportation when they are on holiday, a business trip, or other reason on Private Guided Adventure in Uganda or Rwanda. For some, utilising public transportation simply isn’t an option due to schedule and cost. It is often more economical to rent a car than it is to keep paying bus fares.

For example, if you are flying into another country, you probably will not have your personal vehicle with you. This is where renting an automobile becomes necessary. Most agencies will have a variety of styles to choose from ranging from small to large, prestigious, and specialty vehicles. If you are traveling with a group, vans can be rented to accommodate the needs of your party but they are few in Rwanda.

Extra products are usually offered by 4×4 Self Drive Uganda such as insurance plans, GPS units, entertainment systems, and in some cases, mobile phones. Check with Self Drive Uganda the agency you are considering rental from to see if they include any of these amenities in their rental packages.

Insurance is a necessary component when renting a Car in Uganda. There are numerous types of insurance plans offered that have been designed to support you and the agency should the vehicle become stolen or damaged. Think about utilising rental insurance, as the fee for this option is far less than paying for a car that has been in an accident. Most companies insist you get insurance.

There are conditions to renting a vehicle depending on the country you are visiting. Some companies have their own protocols that they choose to follow. For instance, it is probably in your agreement when the car needs to be returned. Failing to return the vehicle at that agreed upon time might result in a penalty fee.

Another condition that many rental agencies impose is mileage restrictions. You might not be able to drive over a certain distance, and if you do, you could be charged. Age restrictions are also something that companies might have in their protocol. These are all aspects to discuss with the rental company before you commit.

If you should have a young driver (in some cases, anyone under 25) you might have to pay extra. In all cases, a valid driver’s license must be presented in order to rent a car. Some countries also require an International Driving Permit (IDP).

It might sound like there are a lot of restrictions and fees to utilising a care hire company but there are agencies that offer great deals via all-inclusive packages. What this means is, everything from insurance to unlimited mileage is included in a flat rate fee.

When considering renting a car, know that most agencies require you to place a credit card within their database but with 4×4 Self Drive Uganda, there is no need for Deposit or Credit Card but their Policy is Pay Full Amount upon Arrival. The card will not be charged unless there are damages to the rental or you leave it dirty when bringing it back. Some companies charge when the car is returned without any petrol. To ensure that you do not have to deal with this, always return your rental in the condition in which you took it.

It is always wise to look over the vehicle before driving off the lot to ensure there are no pre-existing damages. If you notice any, bring these findings to the company staff immediately so that they might be accounted for. This will protect you from being charged for the damages in case the company hadn’t noticed them from the previous driver.

4×4 Self Drive Uganda is a company with high standards built upon years of experience and trust for Self Drive Car Hire Services in Uganda; Get the Best Travel Deals for Car Hire in Uganda. The company started out slowly with not many customers, but over time grew into the whole region of East Africa. Today, business is booming due to Ultimate Gorilla Expedition’s reasonable pricing, wide selection of vehicles and high quality customer care.

Whether you and your family are on holiday or you are traveling solo on a business engagement, 4×4 Self Drive Uganda will see to it that your transportation needs are met. Staffs at our company have been specially trained to be helpful and courteous to all customers and to ensure everyone gets the car rental that is right for them.

Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions is Tour Company that has two sections for Safaris and Car Rental Department , 4×4 Self Drive Uganda is the Leading Car rental Agency in Uganda and Rwanda , Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions offers Gorilla Safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Wildlife Adventures at Very Discounted Price.

20 Rules to Ensure Safety when Traveling In Uganda on Self Drive

Certainly, present crime statistics are frighteningly high, but the visitor to Uganda need not walk around in fear, provided that the necessary care is taken to behave in a commonsensical manner, thereby not becoming an easy target for criminals. If you heed the following 20 important rules, you will greatly minimize the risks of becoming a victim of crime in Uganda and instead be able to experience fully all that this warmly welcoming; pearl of African country has to offer:

In large cities, avoid the central business districts at night.

Never walk around any city at night, even if you are part of a group. If you need to go anywhere after dark, ask your hotel or guesthouse to order a reliable taxi for you. Do not just hail any passing taxi on the street!

When out walking anywhere, avoid wearing flashy, expensive watches and jewelry and carrying large amounts of cash. Carry your camera unobtrusively in a bag, rather than slung over your shoulder. Walk purposefully as if you know where you are going and are not a “lost tourist.” Hold your bag close to your body and beware of pickpockets and other confidence tricksters on the streets and in crowded stores. Be aware of ATM theft—never be distracted by a stranger asking for assistance at an ATM!

If driving in a car in Uganda as Self-Driver in Uganda Find Car Rental in Uganda from Only Uganda Car Rental, keep the doors locked at all times in city traffic. Do not drive with the windows down. Disregard any stranger who tries to confront you at a red traffic light or stop street.

When parking your vehicle anywhere, do not leave any valuables or any other possessions at all in sight. Put everything in the trunk. Use a good steering-lock at all times when leaving your car unattended. A lock on the fuel tank cap is also an essential and is fitted to nearly all vehicles. Use only a removable car radio and lock it in the trunk when leaving your car.

You will find “car guards” on duty in many city streets, but they cannot guarantee the safety of your car. You will be expected to tip the guard when you return to your car—he is at least a buffer of some kind against car theft or robbery. Only use the services of a person wearing an official “bib” stating that he is a recognized car guard.

Distances between towns in Uganda are large and gas stations not all that plentiful, so be sure to fill your tank whenever possible and ensure that your car is in a good mechanical condition before you set out on any journey.

Travel with a good, detailed, up-to-date map (available at most gas stations) and plan your route in advance. Note that many cities, towns and streets in Uganda have undergone—or are still undergoing—name changes, so it is essential to get the most recent road and city maps available.

Do not stop for any hitch-hiker or other person seemingly in trouble on the open road, in the street or at motorway off-ramps. Drive on and report the incident to the Police. Only stop at official Police-manned roadblocks. Criminal gangs have been known to set up “roadblocks” to lure motorists—either drive on past or around these or turn back and report the incident to the Police.

Always travel with a cell phone. The emergency number to call for the Police is 999 or 112. A functioning cell phone is essential to carry with you at ALL times. Find out before leaving home if your phone will work in South Africa. If not, hire a cell phone when you arrive.

Before traveling to remote areas such as the western region, check with the locals as to the best route and the security situation in the area. In general, the country people are most welcoming and hospitable and crime less common than in cities—but it is wise to obtain recent local information before venturing out on your own to remote areas.

If staying in a hotel or guesthouse, leave your passport, air tickets and other valuables in a safety deposit box at the reception. Carry copies of your passport on you at all times. Keep photocopies of your credit and debit cards in a safe place.

Keep your hotel room locked at all times and only open the door if you are certain who is on the other side.

Park only in areas which are well-lit at night.

Do not walk by yourself in any lonely area such as a stretch of beach, river bank, forest or the countryside without keeping other people in sight at all times. It is best to walk in a group at any time of the day. Avoid walking in lonely areas (even in groups) after dark.

If you wish to visit one of the African townships, only do so on an organized tour, recommended by locals or by your hotel or guesthouse.

Be especially watchful at airports or bus stations, where criminal gangs are known to operate.

Wildlife is plentiful in Uganda—confined to the numerous game parks and reserves within the country. It is not safe to alight from your vehicle when driving through a game park—except at designated rest camps and picnic spots. Remember, these are wild animals and you are a guest in their territory! Do not attempt to approach any animal too closely—if one crosses your path, stop your car immediately and remain silent. Avoid loud noises, playing the radio or other music, shouting, hanging out of the windows, pointing etc. and simply enjoy observing Nature at her best.

Always carry on you at all times the essential numbers of your travel and health insurance and important local phone numbers to call in case of emergency.

Follow all the above safety rules and do not be deterred from getting to know this very special country. All the Above information is available for Self drive Uganda as independent Travelers are increasing in the region.